Training the next generation of species conservationists

Together with the Biology Department at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance has a strong commitment to helping science students reaching their full potential and become the next generation of conservation leaders. We are dedicated to developing the student’s capacities to think critically and act creatively to address global conservation issues while equipping them with state of the art data analytical skills.

Graduate level conservation class

In our intensive 6-day Graduate-level course “Biodiversity, Conservation and Species Management” led by Director of Science Prof. Dalia Amor Conde students become immersed in hands-on practice to learn to develop species management plans for endangered species such as the Spider Monkey, the White Rhino, the European Bison, and more.

The course is hosted at GIVSKUD ZOO our Sponsor-Partner where students get a behind the scenes look into zoo conservation management and learn how modern zoos contribute to conservation through education, conservation breeding, and research.

The course includes guest lectures from experts who join us from all continents, introducing genetic rescue, re-introduction programs, IUCN’s Taxon Advisory Groups, the Convention on International Wildlife Trade (CITES), and the critical nature of collaboration and data sharing amongst zoos and aquariums worldwide.

Graduates of the 2020 class on “Biodiversity, Conservation and Species Management” at Givskud Zoo, Denmark.

Student Program

Students at the Biology Department of SDU can do a Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis developing research in the strategic areas of the Conservation Science Alliance.

Current Guest PhD students
Andrew Mooney is a PhD student at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, where he analyses zoo species composition, reproduction patterns in flamingos, and species prioritisation for genetic rescue. His supervisors are Prof. Yvonne Buckley (Trinity College) and Prof. Dalia Conde (Species360).
Simeon Smeele is a PhD fellow at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Animal Behavior and the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany working on monk parakeets. As former CSA research assistant he continues to collaborate with the CSA working on sex-differences in parrots.
Graduate PhD students (2018-2019)
Rita da Silva (Species360 PhD Fellow), PhD graduate in 2019, from MaxO, CPop and SDU. Rita did her doctoral thesis on demographic analyses to enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable international trade in fish, corals, turtles and tortoises.


Johanna Staerk (Species360 PhD Fellow), PhD graduate in 2018 from MaxO, CPop and SDU. Johanna did her doctoral thesis on filling demographic knowledge gaps and decision analysis for the conservation of threatened species.
Current Master students (2020-2021)
Jacqueline Jürgens is currently doing an ERASMUS internship, working on developing the Songbird Species Knowledge Index to prioritize passerine species for conservation and policy action. 
Jacqueline Jürgens is currently doing an ERASMUS internship, working on developing the Songbird Species Knowledge Index to prioritize passerine species for conservation and policy action.



Graduate Master students (2020)
Rikke Øgelund Nielsen did her Master thesis investigating opportunities for zoos and aquariums to support Elasmobranchii species threatened by international trade. She is currently working as a student assistant for CSA.



Line Lindholm Sørensen did her Master thesis on prioritizing critically endangered species for genetic rescue.
Simon Kaae Andersen did his Master thesis on trade chain analyses of Southeast Asian freshwater turtles
Graduate Master students (2017-2018)
Ioanna Alexiadou (M.Sc.) did her Master thesis on investigating potential illegal laundering of critically endangered ASAP species traded as “captive-bred” in the international market.
Jeanette Hedeager (M.Sc.) did her Master on assessing the alignment of species breeding programs with global conservation prioritization schemes.
Cecilie Hee Frederiksen (M.Sc.) did her Master thesis on investigating international trade of Asian big cats and conducted survival and fertility analyses based on ZIMS data.
Former employees
Simeon Smeele (CSA research assistant, 2019) analyzed and visualized data on survival and fertility in mammals and birds.

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