Species360 Science Team Bibliography

Publications 2023


Presentations 2023

  • Morgane Tidière (06.10.2023): Zoological Registrars Association (ZRA): The power of high quality data to inform population management and husbandry practices.
  • Sandy Trautwein & Rikke Oegelund Nielsen (27.09.2023): European Aquarium Curators Conference (EUAC): The Changing Roles of Aquariums and How Animal Records Can Help
  • Sandy Trautwein, Morgane Tidière, Rikke Oegelund Nielsen & Hannah Jenkins (23.09.2023): European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA): Species360 Update & the Conservation Science Alliance
  • Morgane Tidière, Johanna Staerk, Jean-Michel Gaillard, Jean-Francois Lemaître, András Liker, Tamás Székely, Jacqueline Jürgens, Dalia A. Conde, Fernando Colchero (23.03. 2023): Evolutionary Demography Conference (EvoDemo): Influence of the environment of life on a long–standing evolutionary riddle. THE BETWEEN-SEX DIFFERENCE IN LIFESPAN
  • Rikke Oegelund Nielsen, Morgane Tidiere, Dalia Conde (12.04.2023). The Danish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (DAZA) welfare meeting: Supporting policy advocacy through state-of-the-art research: Assessing Evidence of welfare population improvements
  • Morgane Tidiere (23.04.2023) Association Française des Parcs Zoologiques (AFdPZ): SCIENCE ET BIEN-ÊTRE ANIMAL: LE SOUTIEN DE LA CONSERVATION SCIENCE ALLIANCE AUXZOOS ET AQUARIUMS
  • Rikke Oegelund Nielsen, Morgane Tidiere, Dalia Conde (22.05.2023) Hansenberg Organia – Zookeeper education: Hvordan kan forskning med data fra Species360 ZIMS sikre, at potentialet af zoologiske haver opnås og forbedrer både dyrenes pleje, velfærd og bevarelse?









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