Our Open Data Portal

Conservation Science Alliance research data is available to the public here, to advance future discovery on behalf of wildlife.

Demographic Species Knowledge Index

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences standardizes demographic records across 22 databases for 97% of all tetrapod species, and demonstrates the impact of data from zoos and aquariums. Read the full journal article, learn more about the research, download the open data, and access feature news at Radio-Canada.

Sustaining Biodiversity of Fish and Corals

Looking collectively at 3,370 fish and coral species in 594 aquariums and zoos worldwide, findings of the paper “Assessing the conservation potential of fish and corals in aquarium collections globally,” are published in Journal for Nature Conservation (April 2019). Read the full journal article, learn more about the research, or download the open data.

Mapping Artificial Reefs / Shipwrecks

A global database maps wrecks intentionally deployed to serve as artificial reefs, including 1,907 records from 88 sources. Read the journal article at ScienceDirect (April 2019), learn more about the research project, download the open data results, and read featured news coverage at BBC Future Now.

International wildlife trade

A manual commissioned by and developed for CITES Secretariat aids law enforcement agencies in identifying wild-caught vs captive-bred turtles and tortoises. Access the full manual at CITES, learn more about the Conservation Science Alliance CITES research or download the open data results.

Bibliography: Review Species360 Conservation Science Alliance published and in-progress research and download a full list (pdf updated April 2019) of activities, ongoing projects and peer-reviewed research.



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