Levante: L’ Oceanogràfic preserves 28 coral species that are threatened by climate change

Coral reefs are suffering great and deadly deterioration. The United Nations is setting the horizon for the end of its existence in 2050 due to climate change, mass tourism and chemicals from solar blockers.

Corals that are preserved in aquariums around the world are essential for rebuilding populations at risk of extinction. The Species360 Conservation Science Alliance has measured the role of the global aquatic community in preserving more than 30% of coral species identified as Vulnerable to Climate Change and 19 of the 111 species evaluated as Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered. These “insurance populations” are already yielding results as part of regional and global efforts to rebuild reefs such as those on the southeast coast of North America and in the Great Barrier Reef.

Read here (in spanish) the news article by “Levante”, a Spanish newspaper reporting about Species360 member institution L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain highlighting their contribution to coral conservation made possible by the assessment of the Conservation Science Alliance.


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