Nature Communications: The long lives of primates and the ‘invariant rate of ageing’ hypothesis

New publication: A standardized dataset for conservation prioritization of songbirds to support CITES

SDU Inspiration Prize to CSA Director of Science Prof. Dalia A. Conde

Sex‐specific actuarial and reproductive senescence in zoo‐housed tiger (Panthera tigris): The importance of sub‐species for conservation

CSA members Rikke Nielsen and Jacqueline Jürgens speaks at IMZRCB 2021

New Publication: Economics, life history and international trade data for seven turtle species in Indonesian and Malaysian farms

Educating future zookeepers at Roskilde Technical College

Talks and posters presented by CSA members at international Conferences in 2020

ScienceNode interview: How data can help save species

PhD thesis: The Species360 Conservation Science Alliance congratulates Dr. Andrew Mooney!

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