Director of Science Dalia Conde speaks at the CITES CoP19 Global Expert Briefing

Species360 Director of Science Prof. Dalia Conde joined a panel of global experts for a briefing on CITES and CITES CoP19. She gave a presentation on how Data Analytics can Support the Prevention of WHO’s Blueprint Diseases in which she discussed zoonotic diseases, wildlife trade, and the value of Species360 members’ aggregated data.

“Recognising a meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) can be quite intense, complex and, at times, controversial. It is not always easy for CITES Parties or observers to follow the entire agenda for a CoP and the various rules and practices that govern their consideration. The Agenda for CITES CoP19, to be held in Panama from 14-25 November 2022, is no exception.
A committed group of organisations and individuals that are well-versed in CITES issues, and who share a common interest in the effective implementation of the Convention, have come together to offer an expert briefing on CITES CoP19 to assist Parties and observers, including the media, on how a CITES CoP works and the main issues that are up for consideration at CoP19.
The briefing will address proposed amendments to the CITES Appendices as well as the Working Documents” webinar hosted by ADM Capital Foundation


Watch the full presentation here


Prof. Dalia Conde speaking from minute 2:16:36

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