CSA members Rikke Nielsen and Jacqueline Jürgens speaks at IMZRCB 2021

Today at the 1st International Meeting on Zoo Research, Conservation and Biodiversity (IMZRCB) hosted by Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH Species360 Conservation Science Alliance member Rikke Øgelund Nielsen from the University of Southern Denmark and ERASMUS student Jacqueline Jürgens, from the University of Hamburg presented two posters under the theme of Science-policy interaction. 

Rikke Øgelund Nielsen presented the Shark Species Knowledge Index – Illustrated by the scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini)The presented results were part of her Master thesis at the University of Southern Denmark in which Rikke investigated knowledge gaps for the conservation of sharks and rays supervised by Prof. Dalia A. Conde.

Jacqueline Jürgens gave a talk on The EU trade ban: a critical analysis of the drop in CITES songbird trade which is part of the Songbird Knowledge Initiative to support CITES decision making. Jacqueline is currently doing her Master thesis on the effects of the EU trade ban on the legal and illegal wild bird trade in Europe as an exchange student from the University of Hamburg, Germany, with the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance at the University of Southern Denmark. Her thesis is supervised by Prof. Dalia A. Conde.

You can watch the presentations from the IMZRCB Conference recordings here


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