CITES 70th Standing Committee Meeting – Parties discuss CSA report on Asian Big Cats

Species360 Conservation Science Alliance members Dalia A. Conde and Johanna Staerk participated  as Stakeholder on behalf of Species360 at the CITES 70th Standing Committee Meeting, Sochi (Russian Federation),1-4.10.2018. 

Amongst other topics, the Parties discussed CITES Decision 17.229 (a), a review of facilities keeping Asian Big Cats in captivity. Species360 was commissioned by the CITES Secretariat to  to review the number of Asian big cats kept in facilities in the territories of the Parties. In collaboration with experts, the CSA developed the Asian Big Cats in Captivity Database for tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, clouded leopards and Asian leopards with the aim to prevent illegal wildlife trade. Despite being highly threatened with extinction Asian big cats are still illegally traded for their fur, bones, and teeth in unsustainably high numbers.

CSA member Johanna Staerk (right) with Peter Paul van Dyk (left) from the Turtle Conservancy.


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