July 8, 2021

Public lecture: Exploring and Mapping Data Landscapes to Rescue Species from Extinction

Dalia A. Conde of Species360 will give the Public Lecture "Exploring and Mapping Data Landscapes to Rescue Species from Extinction" at The Platform for… Read more
June 1, 2021

New publication: A standardized dataset for conservation prioritization of songbirds to support CITES

Songbirds are the largest order of birds with over 6000 extant species described. Their colourful plumage and unique singing abilities… Read more
May 31, 2021

SDU Inspiration Prize to CSA Director of Science Prof. Dalia A. Conde

Our Director of Science Prof. Dalia A. Conde from the Biology Department, received the inspiration price for her inspiring work… Read more
April 16, 2021

Sex‐specific actuarial and reproductive senescence in zoo‐housed tiger (Panthera tigris): The importance of sub‐species for conservation

Tigers (Panthera tigris) are particularly threatened in their natural environment and only few of their demographic parameters have been determined… Read more
March 19, 2021

CSA members Rikke Nielsen and Jacqueline Jürgens speaks at IMZRCB 2021

Today at the 1st International Meeting on Zoo Research, Conservation and Biodiversity (IMZRCB) hosted by Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH Species360 Conservation… Read more
February 1, 2021

New Publication: Economics, life history and international trade data for seven turtle species in Indonesian and Malaysian farms

Turtles are highly threatened by trade, both for pets and for consumption. To understand the degree to which turtle breeding… Read more
January 28, 2021

Educating future zookeepers at Roskilde Technical College

Zookeepers play an instrumental and often underestimated role in the conservation success of many species, e.g., by maintaining and caring… Read more
December 20, 2020

Talks and posters presented by CSA members at international Conferences in 2020

Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), USA, 17 September 2020 Reproductive patterns in the genus Panthera - Does human care… Read more
December 5, 2020

ScienceNode interview: How data can help save species

This week, the online publication ScienceNode, known for its articles on topics such as advanced computing and big data, interviewed… Read more
December 1, 2020

PhD thesis: The Species360 Conservation Science Alliance congratulates Dr. Andrew Mooney!

The Species360 Conservation Science Alliance is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew Mooney has successfully defended his PhD at Trinity… Read more

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