January 30, 2023

New study: Sustaining Flamingo Populations May Require Larger Flocks

written by: Mary Ellen Amodeo Data from the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) has enabled researchers to analyze how… Read more
December 1, 2022

Director of Science Dalia Conde attend the CITES CoP19

More than 2,000 participants representing signatory countries, non-governmental organizations, industries and other observers, gathered in November for the 19th meeting… Read more
November 22, 2022

CSA member Johanna Staerk speaks at Frankfurt Zoo

Meeting of the VdZ Science and Research Working Group Frankfurt Zoo Species360 Conservation Science Alliance (CSA) team member, Dr. Johanna… Read more
November 7, 2022

CSA member Rikke Øgelund Nielsen speaks at the International Aquarium Conference

Last week Species360 attended the International Aquarium Conference (IAC) hosted by Nausicaá Centre National de la Mer – Boulogne sur… Read more
September 27, 2022

Director of Science Dalia Conde speaks at the CITES CoP19 Global Expert Briefing

Species360 Director of Science Prof. Dalia Conde joined a panel of global experts for a briefing on CITES and CITES… Read more
August 28, 2022

CSA members attend the European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB)

Last week Species360 Conservation Science Alliance (CSA) members Rikke Øgelund Nielsen and Jacqueline Juergens attented the 6th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB)… Read more
August 19, 2022

CSA member Dr. Johanna Staerk receives the SDU Inspiration Prize

Today during the Natural Science Faculty’s summer party at the University of Southern Denmark CSA researcher Dr. Johanna Staerk received… Read more
June 28, 2022

New Study: Turtles and Tortoises Challenge Evolutionary Theories of Aging

Data from the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) has enabled researchers from the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance and the… Read more
April 21, 2022

New publication on the Research Gap between Live and Preserved Animal Collections

A new paper “Bridging the Research Gap between Live Collections in Zoos and Preserved Collections in Natural History Museums” co-authored… Read more
March 29, 2022

New publication using ZIMS data: Unravelling the mystery of parrot longevity

Parrots are well known for their long lives and complex cognition; a new study shows for the first time the… Read more

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