Book contribution: Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Richard Primack and Johnny Wilson just published their open access textbook “Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa“.

Written specifically for readers in Africa, this easy to read, lucid and accessible textbook comprehensively explores the challenges and potential solutions to key conservation issues in Africa. It includes fifteen chapters that introduce readers to a full range of conservation topics, including threats to biodiversity, environmental laws, and protected areas management, as well as related topics such as sustainability, poverty, and human-wildlife conflict.

Conservation Science Alliance members Dr. Johanna Staerk, Prof. Dalia A. Conde and CSA research assistant Simeon Smeele contributed to chapter 11.5 “Ex Situ Conservation Strategies” with an analysis of the number of Sub-Saharan species present in the Species360 ZIMS network of zoos and aquariums (Table, page 412). They found that Species360 members keep 47% of all Sub-Saharan species, 16% of IUCN Red-listed species and 45% of CITES-listed species present in Sub Saharan Africa showing the huge potential of ex-situ conservation for African species.

The textbook is freely available to read and download here.


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