September 7, 2021

New in ZIMS: Improve collection management with Survival, Reproduction, and Growth reports

We are pleased to introduce Survival, Reproduction and Growth (SRG) Reports in ZIMS! Drawing upon data recorded and shared by… Read more
May 5, 2020

From the Chairman: What Species360 is doing to safeguard service levels during the COVID-19 crisis

From the Chairman of the Board of Trustees: What Species360 is doing to safeguard service levels and ensure financial health… Read more
January 8, 2020

Jenny Gray reflects on work of zoos and aquariums / Blooloop

“Zoos and aquariums have the most incredible database of animals and our knowledge on them. Dalia Conde (with Species360 and… Read more
November 19, 2019

National Geographic: There’s no way these creatures are all sold legally

What we know about species in captivity, and their reproductive behaviors, can tell us when animals have been poached or… Read more
November 19, 2019

Talk with the Experts: From CITES CoP18, conservation leaders stress need for data

In this video, wildlife experts explain why global data is critical to species survival programs, how it can help international… Read more
July 26, 2019

Green Report: Sixth mass extinction, the numbers, and missing data

Thanks to the ZIMS of zoos and aquariums, the information needed to help save species is dramatically increased. Despite the amount… Read more

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