September 10, 2019

BBC futurenow: Old oil tankers become new reefs

[Article Excerpt] One of the most common current uses for old oil tankers after scrapping is perhaps also the most… Read more
September 1, 2019

National Academy of Sciences: Zoos and aquarium data is critical to conservation

The May 6 United Nations report says extinction rates are accelerating faster than previously anticipated. Research published earlier this month… Read more
August 28, 2019

Blog: 33 scientists collaborate worldwide to create the first Demographic Species Knowledge Index

When Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published a major study measuring just how much we know about… Read more
May 17, 2019

Journal of Applied Ecology: Species may disappear faster than predicted

Risk assessments used to identify threatened species for global indicators such as the IUCN Red List can be improved using… Read more
March 27, 2019

Journal for Nature Conservation: Aquariums have vital role in saving species

The full potential of aquariums to aid and inform conservation of fish and corals runs deep, especially when considered across… Read more
October 7, 2018

World Economic Forum: We are severely underestimating the problem of endangered species

As we scramble to assess the extinction crisis, researchers show the risk of making assumptions based on insufficient data. More… Read more
August 7, 2018

Radio-Canada: Granby Zoo adds missing information critical to conservation data

...The Granby Zoo is home to more than 1,500 animals, including several endangered wildlife species. Out of nearly 230 species… Read more

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