2022 Class on Biodiversity, Conservation and Species Management at Givskud zoo

Students from the University of Southern Denmark just returned from a one-week intensive course on Species Conservation – a key element to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals  learning about the complexity of species conservation led by Species360 Director of Science Prof. Dalia A. Conde and supported by Species360 members Dr. Johanna Staerk, Dr. Morgane Tidiere, and research assistants Rikke Øgelund Nielsen and Jacqueline Jürgens.   

This year’s students discussed issues related to wolves in Denmark, keeping great apes under human care, zoonotic diseases, and de-extinction.   

“I learned so much. The more I learn, the less I know. I came home feeling that there is much information that I do not know about. I have gained new perspectives on all the debate topics” – Comment from an anonymous student 

Current conservation issues were presented by experts who spoke to us from four continents including architect Raymond Hole about sustainability and conservation, researcher Thomas B. Berg from Naturama about wolves in Denmark, Dr. Hernán Caceres-Escobar about zoonotic diseases and trade, Dr. Oliver Ryder, Director of Conservation Genetics at the San Diego Wildlife Alliance, about de-extinction and genetic rescue and guest speaker Dr. Rita da Silva about the conservation of corals and marine fish.  

Students were able to get really close to their species in the “Behind the Scenes” tour led by zoo director Richard Østerballe and learned about the importance of zoo conservation work from curator Kim Simonsen. 

Kim Simonsen teaching about the role of modern zoos, confiscations and in situ-projects that Givskud zoo is participating i
Kim Simonsen teaching about the role of modern zoos, confiscations and in situ projects that Givskud zoo is participating in


“Take the course! It is without a doubt the best course/field trip that I have participated in. It is very rewarding and tons of interesting lectures and introductions with interesting people from the real world” – Comment from an anonymous student


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